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SATIVA THAY (GuruPlantGenetik’s private reserve ) x O.G.KUSH x KOSHER KUSH

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Kinder Kush (Guru Plant Genetik) is the selection of two award-winning varieties of plants such as OG KUSH and KOSHER KUSH, combined with our own sativa Thay, which has an extra sweet taste.

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Kinder Kush is a genetic with a dominance Sativa and a candelabrum-shaped structure, it produces dense and compact flowers, rich in resin and smell like milk-chocolate with an unmistakable aroma Kush.
Like all the plants that carry the genetic traits of Kush, it may suffer the over-fertilization and in general is suitable for experienced growers.

The effect of these buds is very strong and prolonged, curative for excess stress and insomnia.

LINEAGESATIVA THAY (GuruPlantGenetik’s private reserve ) x O.G.KUSH x KOSHER KUSH
HEIGHT1,50 m
FLAVOURExtra sweet, chocolate & latte
EFFECTVery strong, for KUSH lovers
FLOWER8 – 9 weeks
OUTDOORmid / end September
YELD500 gr indoor / 650 gr outdoor
THC20 – 21%
CBD0,2 – 0,4

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