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Our medical seeds is the accurately results of many years of searching. We respect all the parameters, so we can show you a perfect and strong plant, suitable for varius diseases. Each one of our medical seed line is made with BIO products and new technologies.

GuruPlantGenetik Company cooperates with a team of pharmacists in order to obtain sure analysis on every product made.


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The search for this sativa dominant plant begins in the year 2014 and after several selections we were able to find the right balance between the effects and flavoUR of this wonderful plant for all medicinal users.

This plant needs plenty of light to mature with its great structure and branches; also it needs a very long time to bloom, and that will pay off the end with great yields and high quality. Its flowers have a spicy flacour, very often peppered with shades of pineapple and fresh mango.

Due to its low THC content and the high concentration of CBD EQUILIBRIUM is great for treating many medical conditions, especially fatigue, migraines or headaches, and chronic stress or depression with minimal interference of the psychoactive THC.

FLAVOURSpicy with pineapple and black pepper notes
EFFECTPerfect balance through mind and body
FLOWER10 -13 weeks
YELD400 / 450 gr
THC7 – 9%
CBD9 – 12
TCH/CBD1:1 / 1:5


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