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Each one of our medical seed line is made with BIO products. We take care of each plant and we use various cultivation techniques for each genetic.

Guruplantgenetik cooperates with a team of pharmacists in order to obtain sure analysis on every product made.


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Energy name’s comes from the stimulating proprieties of this plant due to its high vaolre THC and low in CBD.

This sativa dominant plant (100% Original from Thailand) needs plenty of light to grow up with a very thick and compact structure. The flavours of this plant are so soft and delicate that they will delight the palate.

His exciting stimulating effects only touches your body, allowing your mind to be focused and brilliant.

Not recommended for nervous people or persons with cardiovascular disease.

We recommend daytime use, very suitable for sports activities,it stimulates creativity. It is also useful to stimulate appetite and thus to help with issues related to anorexia and depression symptoms.

LINEAGE Sativa 100% Thailand
FLAVOUR Extra sweet, delicate
EFFECT Exciting, stimulant, appetence stimulant
FLOWER 9 – 12 weeks
YELD 500 / 600gr
THC 26 – 27%
CBD 0,1 – 0,2


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