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Original strain from San Francisco

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Harvest pure and Indic strain (Hindu / Pakistani) who has put down roots in California in 1996 and comes precisely from the coast of San Francisco. The beatnik name was invented by a reporter from the San Francisco Chronicle in 1958, the right movement of the late 60’s Beat Generation.

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This Kush has a stocky stature, a bulky structure, stem thickness, spacing between internodes compact, distinct bud by shades ranging from forest green to pale purple.

The taste is very pungent, typical kush, but at the same time fruity with tropical hues that delight the palate.
It has a heavy quiet effect: a powerful muscle relaxation takes over from head to toe, however, leaves the mind with dreamy euphoria. Crushes stress and panic forcing states of happy mood.

Ideal and indicated for patients with multiple sclerosis.

HEIGHT1,50 m
LINEAGEOriginal strain from San Francisco
FLAVOURVery pungent taste, typical of kush, fruity with tropical shades
EFFECTHighly relaxing, to cure headaches, insomnia, stress and panic
Very suitable for multiple sclerosis
FLOWERING6 – 8 weeks
OUTDOORend September – beginning October
YELD500 gr indoor / 600 – 800 gr outdoor
THC18 – 22%
CBD0,9 – 1,4


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