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Our Guru was born in the 70’s in a little town in Venice, Italy. He spends his childhood growing our lovely plant by the earth-knowledge transmitted from his grandparents Giovanni and Irma. During the 90’s he decides to move to Netherlands, where he learns the technique of aeroponics and hydropo-nics gardening. When he comes back, unfortunate-ly, he has to move again to another country in order to do his job. This time he starts to collaborate with some growers in U.S.A and Canada (California,Colorado,Denver,Vancou-ver) and with daily effort he starts crossing his new genetic.

Thank’s to the new collaborations, the new lines offer you a therapetic use,as well.

We respect all the parameters so we can show you,a perfect and strong plant, suitable for various diseases. Every single seed comes from a BIO gardening.Guru Plant Genetik wants to thank you for your attention and bless you with inner peace, health and incredi-ble harvest!

“In the little seed we found the life and the potential of the plant, with that, our Mother Nature teaches us that the little things of everyday, make ourselves big tomo-rrow.”

This small and solid company derives from the union of experiences, memories and emotions that this unique Venecian Bredeer represents.

Guruplantgenetik is the crowning of a titanic effort to gather together in balance and harmony all the work done, all the collaborations, the study and the dedication that we make with love and passion in this industry from 30 years. “We never stops learning in this life“, with this philosophy we have planned to start this activity looking towards the new generations of growers. For this reason we dedicate our time in the search for new lines of American origin, working with extreme care all those operations to carry out a stable genetic line, vigorous and with amazing results. All this, always respecting all the times that Mother Nature tells us for each plant.

Guruplantgenetik believes in their own work and that is why we offer a direct line breeder – customer. Our company aims to ensure that all our genetics are stable, guaranteeing the perfect germination of each seed, trying to maintain the same traits in all lines and without any symptoms of hermaphrodism.


Guruplantgenetik has a bank seeds with many varieties of strong, vigorous, compact American plants with a wide range of flavors available to any type of grower.

Guruplantgenetik wants to thank you for your attention and bless you with inner peace, health and incredible harvest!

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